Ameribuild is a company located in New Zealand that specialises in supplying double-glazed doors and windows across the country. Their primary product is uPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) joinery, which is known for its premium insulation contrasted to standard aluminium joinery. They emphasize the benefits of uPVC, such as its energy effectiveness– being 26% more energy-efficient than the New Zealand building code requirements– and its affordability, declaring to use more affordable remedies than thermally damaged light weight aluminium options.

Their doors and windows are designed specifically for New Zealand’s unique climate problems and arrive fully glazed and ready for installation, which simplifies the procedure for both property owners and contractors. Ameribuild prides itself on its windows being easy to install, using fixing fins that facilitate quick setup. Furthermore, their uPVC frames are noted to be the slimmest available in the New Zealand market, which does not compromise on quality or efficiency, thus offering visual allure together with functionality.

Ameribuild’s focus on sustainability is evident in their commitment to using materials that can be recycled, aligning with contemporary environmental concerns. They cater to numerous client needs, from those aiming to replace existing windows to those involved in new building projects or renovations. They additionally offer customized remedies for heritage homes that require a details design, like sash home windows, without giving up the thermal performance advantages of modern-day dual glazing.

For those interested in Ameribuild’s offerings, the company provides an array of services from professional consultation to providing quotes for both residential and commercial projects. Their website hosts a blog that provides insights and contrasts, such as the distinctions between uPVC and aluminium windows, and discusses whether all uPVC products are the same, educating customers on their choices.

In summary, Ameribuild positions itself as a provider of high-quality, energy-efficient, and cost-effective window and door solutions that cater to the varying needs of New Zealand’s homeowners and builders, with a solid focus on consumer education, sustainability, and tailored services.

Phone Number
57/7 Tunnel Grove Wellington 5010 New Zealand