Compose Interiors – Architectural Interior Designer

Debbie of Compose Interiors is more than just an Interior Designer – shes an Interior SOLUTION when it comes to building or renovating.

There's a minefield of conflicting building/renovating information out there. Where do you start? Who do you trust? What do you need?

Debbie's business is the RESULT of dealing with clients having to COMPROMISE at the finish line due to lack of KNOWLEDGE, PLANNING and CONSIDERATION at the start. The only way to get this RIGHT is to engage with your Interior Expert at Architectural Planning stage.

Debbie will LISTEN to your story, learn how you would like to live in your home, get to know your family dynamic's, your styles and tastes, and your budget to ensure your home is personalised for you. She will step you through the planning of your exterior and interiors colour schemes, kitchen and bathroom designs, furniture and light plans and finishing touches such as window treatments, custom cabinetry, cushions, rugs and more… making sure no finishing touch is missed or unconsidered. Its not uncommon at this point to necessarily know what you want and that's perfectly normal. Debbie will guide and support you through that process and provide you with options and idea's you possibly never would have considered.

3 of the key stressers Debbie has identified when undertaking a new build or renovation is TIME (lack of), MONEY (is there ever enough), and STRESS (fitting in something major when we are already struggling to keep up with daily life), find out how Debbie overcomes these stressers over on her website! 

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Wellington New Zealand