Elemental Cider

Traditional cider, crafted on the Kapiti Coast from fresh locally grown fruit.

A beverage so good you can live apple-ly ever after…

Sorry… that was almost as dry as our cider. We make it using traditional methods, with nothing added but locally grown cider apples and pears.

Our simple philosophy of working with the sun, soil, wind and water defines everything about Elemental Cider, from the way the fruit is grown to the way the cider is made and bottled!

We planted cider apples and dreamt about making our own cider.

The timeless story of a couple wanting to live off the land, but liked to have the odd drink. So we planted cider apples, dreaming about making our own cider. Problem was, neither of us knew how to make it. So Carmen went back to university to learn how to make wine (because, cider is a non-grape wine!) and travelled the world as a travelling wine maker gaining valuable experience and insights.

Our first vintage was in our laundry. Our second vintage was in the garage. Then we had to move into a larger shed up the road in the mighty Horowhenua. We may now have a big shed, but we still do the lot. We grow the fruit, hand pick it, crush, press, ferment, bottle and sell!

Our aim is to make natural dry ciders with integrity

Without compromise, with no short cuts, and with minimal intervention. We work with what the fruit provides rather than infusing them with sugars, flavours and concentrates.

100% authentic.

Phone Number
129 Taylors Rd, RD3, Otaki, Kapiti Coast