Employment Dispute Solutions

We represent employees and employers. 

* Have you been made redundant or unfairly dismissed? 

* Have you been called to a disciplinary meeting? 

* Are you feeling bullied at work? 

If you have an employment dispute do not hesitate to give us a call for a FREE consultation. 

We can provide our services on a No Win – No Fee basis, very reasonable Fixed Rate or Hourly Rate. (Based on the merits of your case). 

We can also assist employers in the areas of dispute resolution, performance management, professional supervision (mentoring) and ensure that correct procedures are followed in the area of employment law and redundancy. 

Settlements are negotiated in a confidential manner unless there is a determination made by the Employment Relations Authority. However, some testimonials from past clients can be seen on our website. 


We pride ourselves in being cost effective and professional in resolving employment disputes. 

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