At Foodnerd, we’re passionate about bringing you the finest freeze-dried fruits and innovative ingredients. As a leading provider of freeze-dried produce in New Zealand, we’ve redefined what it means to experience flavour and freshness.

What Sets Us Apart:

Premium Quality: Our freeze-drying technology preserves the color, nutrition, and flavor of fruits and ingredients at their peak. The result? A culinary experience like no other.

Infinite Possibilities: Our products, from freeze-dried fruits to marshmallows, empower chefs, mixologists, and foodies to create unique and delightful dishes and cocktails.

Customization: We collaborate with chefs to create bespoke ingredients that bring their culinary visions to life. Your creativity knows no bounds.

Healthy Snacks: Foodnerd offers a wide range of healthy, freeze-dried snacks that are perfect for anyone looking for a nutritious and delicious alternative. Our snacks are free from artificial additives and full of natural goodness.

Sustainability: Foodnerd is committed to sustainability. Our products reduce food waste by extending shelf life while maintaining freshness.

Partnerships: We’re proud to partner with top restaurants, bars, and cafes, enhancing their menus with our premium ingredients.

Join the Foodnerd journey and elevate your culinary creations. Experience the magic of freeze-drying with Foodnerd!

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233A Murphys Road, Judgeford, Porirua