Free For All

dontbinitshareit is a completely free, online platform where people list items they want to share with the community directly for free.  It is like an online op shop but everything is free and for everybody as the goal is to reduce usable items going in to the landfill, therefore there is no applications, referrals from social agencys or limits due to financial status.  At Free For All we don't expect you to share your story to access use of our site.

 At Free For All we strongly believe that there is already enough items in existance for everybody to be comfortable, we just need to share more. We are also wanting to work with the community to educate them about being responsible donors to charity shops by not supplying them with items they have and excess of or that they are unable to move on due to policy restrictions or second hand trader limitations.  We also want to work with these charity shops, businesses, schools and individuals to redirect any usable items into the community instead of them going to landfill.

Share – share our unwanted items with the community for free

Shop – for free items online that you wouldve had to buy otherwise

Save – Save your money but more importantly 

            Save the environment by reducing production and the distribution of waste to landfill.



Phone Number
7 Tolhurst St Wellington, Wellington, 6037 New Zealand