Hand over your ‘to do’ list today so you can focus on the tasks you’re an expert in!

Do you wish you could hand over some of your administration to someone else? Wouldn't you rather cut out some of the frustration and stress by outsourcing those jobs that will take you forever to do? Well now you can!

We understand how valuable your time is. By handing over your 'to do' list to Freelancer PA, you will be allowing yourself more time to focus on projects you're passionate about, more urgent matters and tasks that you are an expert in.

Freelancer PA will enhance your lifestyle and save you time by performing, advising on and arranging a multitude of administrative tasks (as required) without the full-time commitment. These tasks may include (but are not limited to):

– creating systems, forms, templates, tables, powerpoint presentations, documents, infographs, pamphlets, posters, resources, infographics
– collating informaiton folders
– copy and dictaphone typing
– formatting, proof reading and editing
– setting up electronic and paper filing systems
– internet research
– cleaning up emails in order to reduce your inbox emails
– maintain and update contact lists
– development and implementation of administrative systems and tools
– any other administrative tasks you would rather handover to someone else to complete!
– organising personal and business meetings and events
– setting up of newly created Personal Assistant positions, coaching Managers on how to utilise a PA as well as setting up a desk file ready for a permanent PA to step into the role.
– other tasks within reason including concierge type services, picking up dry cleaning, waiting for service people, personal shopping and the list goes on. I take over all those tasks that take uncessary time out of your day to do.

I offer a broad range of services and further details can be found on my website www.freelancerpa.com

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Kingston, Wellington, 6021 New Zealand