You have the power to grow your business in the palm of your hand

Hi, I'm Frankie, the founder of Get Ahead Media, and my mission is to help small business owners harness the power of video so they can REACH MORE CUSTOMERS and BECOME MORE PROFITABLE.

I didn't know exactly how to use video effectively in a business until I started my own. Even though I was an award-winning filmmaker with 10 years experience, I had to learn how to use video to effectively reach and convert customers. 

Once I started actually creating the right kinds of videos and posting videos regularly online people started coming to me, asking me to work with them. But there was a lot I had to overcome – fear of being on camera, how to make videos fast, my perfectionism, and more… And I want to help small business owners and solopreneurs do the same.

So I've combined all my experience, lessons and breakthroughs into easy-to-follow online and in-person programs.

Don't wait to get started with video, I'm here to help you succeed now! 

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Wellington, Wellington New Zealand