Halo Communications

The reputation of your business can rise or fall on the strength of your communications. Get it right and your business will flourish. Get it wrong and you may never recover.

At Halo Communications we understand the importance of getting it right. It’s critical to be clear about what you want to achieve, to understand your audience and to get your message across in the most effective way.

Halo Communications is a Wellington based communications company offering a full range of communication services right from the very start of the planning process through to the final design of your materials.

We work with a broad spectrum of clients across the private, central and local government sectors in the Wellington region.

Communications planning

Getting the right communications plan in place is the key to managing your relationships, communications risks and being on the front foot from the beginning.

We’ll work with you to develop this communications plan by understanding what you want to achieve, identifying your customers and clients and what their interests and issues are, and then figuring out the best way to communicate with them.

Working together

We use a collaborative approach because you know your business and your customers best.

Together we’ll help you capitalise on your knowledge and take that a step further getting your messages right and delivering them in a way that will make people take notice.

If you already have a great communications plan in place but need some help with rolling out the implementation activities, then we can help with that too. We love writing content for brochures or flyers, social media, media releases or websites and Annual Reports.

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Porirua, Wellington, 5026 New Zealand