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Love Life, Life Your Dreams

Hi! I'm Hana. I'm a mum, wife, nana of two, daughter, and serial entrepreneur committed to helping you become the person you most want to be.

I coach women to reclaim their inner power and bring balance back into their lives.  

In the mid-2000s after working as an HR Practitioner I burnt out working in the corporate world. The stress caused many health problems, including weight gain, insomnia, exacerbated anxiety… And there are too many more things to list.

I felt like crap and knew I couldn't carry on as I was. I hadn’t allowed myself any time to heal my body, mind, and soul. My husband encouraged me to take a time out to rest, recover but that was easier said than done. 

I had NO idea how to relax and do nothing…  What the hell does nothing even LOOK like?!

I questioned who am I, what is my role in this world, and why aren't I coping like everyone else does?

I decided to hire a coach to help me reevaluate my life, what was important to me, who I wanted to be, and how I wanted to show up. She helped me redesign my life and chase my dream of coaching people to live the life they truly deserve. 

Reevaluating my life led me to discover the power of hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). This was the first step in a new chapter of my life.

Now, I am a qualified Transformation Coach, Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified NLP Practitioner, Mindfulness Facilitator, and Reiki Practitioner.

After I climbed out of burnout hell and found my real power, it became my mission to help women like you do the same. 

I work with some to help them ditch the BS stories (you know, I'm not good enough, smart, enough…) the beliefs that are holding you captive, and transition you back to loving life and living your dreams!

My areas of specialization are: Burnout, Procrastination, Anxiety, Weight Loss, Overcoming fears/phobias in the workplace such as sales, public speaking, positioning for a promotion, etc.  

There's so many areas that hypnotherapy and NLP can assist with, so if you're unsure please call me, I'd love to chat with you.


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