Shine from within

Helping you with Transitional Moments

Hi, I’m Jenny Gower Transition Coach, who is here to help you with significant transitional moments in life and in death and dying. 

I believe we can all benefit from working with someone when faced with these challenges whether it is personal or relating to a loved one. 

I have an innate ability to understand your needs and perspective while gently opening up new ways for you to process life's challenges.  As a Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse of 25 years experience I have worked alongside many parents while nursing their critically ill babies and during times of loss. 

I am a natural teacher with the ability to create ease in understanding and I see the layers behind thoughts and actions which supports self awareness and learning.  I believe in the individual approach as not one of us has the same story, needs, beliefs or desires.  

My passion is to help people heal within and create self growth from a mind, body and soul perspective no matter what part of your life path you are on. 

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283 Harris Rd Porirua, 5381