MathildaRock Consulting and Accounting

Success in business gives you options in your life. I can help set you up for success.

MathildaRock is your independent troubleshooting management accountant. I'm here to help business owners and managers uncover ways to improve their financial performance.

There is more to your accounts than just your P&L account and your tax return. Management accounting can delve further into your business and show you what is really going on in your company, helping you make more informed business decisions for your future success.

Having specialised in management accounting and with decades of experience and knowledge working within businesses rather than in practice, I am in a unique position to understand the pressures of SME owners and managers.

I can look at your business from the inside out, analysing more than just your financial accounts. I can look at your processes and systems to improve efficiency and effectiveness and, unlike business advisers and coaches, I can set up new systems and processes for you to save you time and to give you a solid foundation on which to build your business.

If you know that your business could be performing better, but you just don't know how, contact me, Hilary Combes, today!

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Wellington, Wellington, 5028 New Zealand