Max Facs Oral Surgery

We can provide patients with safe and efficient surgical solutions.

Our aim is to look after our patients in the best way possible recognising that this may not be the same for everyone and to tailor their treatment to their individual needs.

We are experts at removing wisdom teeth. Our aim is to make sure the experience is as quick and as comfortable as possible.

We also provide dental implant planning and placement using state of the art technology to ensure the most functional and aesthetically pleasing results to restore a natural and beautiful smile.

We are a maxillofacial surgery that offers the gold standard in dental care using advanced skills and knowledge that David has acquired through years of specialist training.

Often young people start to experience pain and other issues relating to their wisdom teeth in their late teens and early 20’s. The standard and most common treatment for this is to have the wisdom teeth removed to reduce the chances of decay, damage to other teeth and infection.

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121 Thorndon Quay, Wellington 6011