Deanna is a qualified Naturopath and Wellness coach with 20 years experience in the Natural Health industry.  Deanna specalises in working with woman and in particular working Mums who are experiencing health issues due to juggling working and bringing up their families.

Often Woman are pulled in many different directions and find it hard to find the time to focus on their own health and wellness, which  in the long term can lead to serious health issues. It can alll begin with constantly feeling stressed, experiencing regular poor sleep,  running on low energy or, finding it hard to find time to exercise, time out for yourself or often making poor food choices over a prolonged periods of time.

Mobile Health & Wellness is a business that offers health coaching program where you work with Deanna over a series of weeks to implement a personalised wellness plan.  Strategies are implemented which help build up healthy habits in order to improve and help you  manage your health and energy in a sustainable, realistic way that is unique to your particular situation.

Unlike other quick fix solution of buying products, dieting or following the lattest health trends, health coaching provides personal empowerment and long term health management solutions that can be life changing. 

With Deanna experience and knowledge as a Naturopath  she is able to offer individualised nutritional planning and  supplement advice which is included in the coaching program at no extra cost.

Deanna also specialises in the use of Medicinal Essential Oils with 8 years of experience and has worked with  Absolute Essential oil (NZ medicinal essential oil company) as a contracted trainer and Area Manager.

Deanna also offers a 2 hour wellness workshop on a variety of different topics,  in the comfort of your own home with a group of friends

Group coaching over a series of weeks with small groups of 4-6 is also available.

Phone Number
37A Acheron Road Paremata, Porirua 5026