Focused on achieving results for my clients

The 3 most important things in life is your health, your family, and your largest asset which is usually, one’s property. Phil Mac is very passionate about helping people. He has helped countless number of people with improving their health and was very successful in that department. He is also very involved with his family and continues to strive, providing them with the best in life. His current goal is to help his community and people with their largest asset (property) and get them the best price they deserve.

His success comes from focusing on his client’s needs, dedicating 100% of himself, and utilizing his skills, knowledge & marketing methods to make a fantastic sale. With the superior Advance Internet Marketing of Ray White, plus his dedicated work ethic, Phil Mac gets you RESULTS!. 

If you are wanting someone who will purely focus on your needs and will get results, contact Phil Mac and he will show you what he can do.


Phone Number
77 Thorndon Quay Wellington, Wellington, 6011 New Zealand