Smartway Builders

We specialise in the Residential sector providing Custom New Builds, Major Renovations – Additions – Alterations across the greater Wellington area.

We want to help you achieve all that you can with the projects you have around your home. We want you to look at the end result and say … “YES! That’s what I wanted.”

We follow the rules. The council’s rules, and the building code rules. If a part of the project needs certification or sign-off by someone, then we get it. We take care of all those issues, so you don’t have to worry.

We only use suitably qualified or experienced people to carry out the work on your property. If the job needs input from an architect or an engineer or a fire safety specialist … then we involve them. If we need an electrician or a plumber or a drainlayer or a specialist earth-mover then we ring them up and get them on site. We don’t take shortcuts.

We get involved early in the process, ie when clients are thinking they want to do a building project and don’t know where to start. Where we are different, we can take the initial thoughts and ideas, and then give you an indication about the likely costs of the project. It is so important to do this early in the process before you invest time and money with architect, engineers, surveys, council and then find out that what has been designed and approved doesn’t align with what you are happy to invest. We offer an end service from design to completion. However if you have your plans already and just need a builder we can definitely help with that too.

We believe that you are entitled to some simple things like Cleanliness, Promptness, Common Courtesy, Reliability, Respect, Commitment, Perseverance and Flexibility.

Our focus is on delivering the best job we can for you. It’s who we are. It’s what we believe in.
We help from ideas to keys without the fuss, drama or confusion.

That’s why we are called Smartway Builders – Expertise on Every Level

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4 Oxford St, Tawa