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Finding the right match isn’t easy.

Especially when recruiting for highly specific, niche roles that require unique skill sets. At Talent Connect Recruitment we specialise in recruiting for the Energy sector – let us help you build a high-performing team.

Whether you are an employer looking to connect with high calibre talent or a candidate ready to take your career to the next level, book a chat today.

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Whether you have one role to fill, or multiple roles, we can translate your business needs into the right strategy to secure the skilled team members you need.

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We have top roles for top-tier talent. If you’re skilled and have experience in the energy sector, we can offer you exciting, challenging job opportunities with progressive, innovative employers.

Energy Sector Specialists

Here at Talent Connect, we’ve been successfully recruiting in the Power, Energy and Utilities sector across Aotearoa New Zealand and beyond for three years and counting. We may be ‘young’ (in business years) but our consistent results, extensive industry connections and tailored approach give us the edge that gets the recruitment outcome you’re looking for.

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