The Wig Design Room

Natural luxury wigs, with you in mind.

Maybe this is you:
-Maybe your hair is thinning
-Losing hair in patches
-A wig wearer already and you’re looking for a more personal design with Premium human hair and a comfortable cap that fits well
-Your hair is fine and needs a little more thickness and length (toppers)
-You are having treatment that may cause you temporary hair loss

My name is Bev and I love helping my clients to get a personalised wig or topper that it perfect for them. My wigs are 100% natural and in no way look like wigs, you can read my reviews to hear from my past clients there is no better way to choose The Wig Design Room.

I can also cut and style your wig to suit you as I’m a hairdresser which helps a lot in this business. Why not book a one on one consultation or a video chat with me today to start the ball rolling and lets go from there?

Phone Number
69 Montreal Grove, Kingston Wellington, 6021