To live an ordinary life extraordinarily well

Be Fully Engaged, Focused and Productive

By Managing your energy rather than time and understanding Food Alchemy

Tiger Fern Ltd provides solutions for organizing your personal and professional using both analog and digital tools. 

Contact me if you would like to learn how to use a Bullet Journal (analog tool) and the Notion App (digital tool) for increased productivity and higher performance in all aspects of your life. Manage your energy rather than time. Learn how, when and what you eat affects your health and well-being through Food Alchemy.

Mission and Purpose Statement:

To help craft your life by using systems to achieve personal and professional goals to Be Fully Engaged, Focused and Productive.

My name is Sushma Webber. I am originally from India and moved to New Zealand in 2008. I have a Masters degree in Art History (MFA). I am the Director of Tiger Fern Ltd. I am also a volunteer of the Theosophical Society since 1995 and have been actively involved with its work both internationally and in New Zealand.

I offer the knowledge and experience gained over the last 25 years in applying the life principles as set out in the ancient wisdom traditions in the current 21st century context. I have lived my own life and crafted it to reflect my values and life purpose in a systematic and organized manner, yet using creativity and innovation whenever the situation demanded it.

For the last 5 years I have conducted workshops on how to live a life of awareness and find the resources necessary to do so. The workshops focused on mind-training through awareness, developing will-power, intuition and compassion. These workshops were held in Hamilton, Orewa and Wellington.

I am also currently working on writing a book called ‘Craft Your Life — Live an Ordinary Life Extraordinarily Well’

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Wellington, Wellington New Zealand