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Travel plus craft

Travel bags made by a long-time traveller. I’ve always travelled, and I’ve always travelled light:  I like to have no more than a carry-on sized bag. I don’t want to be destroying my back trying to manhand a bag full of dirty laundry. And I don’t like paying for taxis when a bus will do fine, if you can manage your bags.

After 40 years of independent travel, I know which bags and pouches that work and which don’t. It’s an interesting market place : I purchase bags for their practicality but almost all of the market is all about the “brand” and the “look”.  The practical bags were all apparently designed by and for men and were pretty much black or grey. The fashion market was pretty but impractical. I wanted something that looked cool but also did the job!

Why Cork?

Cork is a versatile and eco-friendly material that has been used for centuries. It is harvested from the bark of cork oak trees, which grow mainly in Portugal and Spain. The harvesting process is sustainable and does not harm the trees, making cork one of the most sustainable materials available today. Cork’s light weight water resistance and durability makes it an ideal material for travel bags.

One of the unique features of our handmade cork bags is their ability to withstand different weather conditions. Cork is naturally water-resistant, which means that our bags can keep your belongings dry even in the rain. This makes them an ideal choice for anyone who wants to travel light without having to worry about their belongings getting wet.

Cork seems little known in New Zealand, but it’s popular among crafters as it’s much easer to work with than leather or even many vinyls. And it also checks a lot more eco-credentials than those fabrics.

Travel Lightly

Is an attempt at  combing two passions: craft and travel.

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