I am a Nutrition Coach and Taste Success Facilitator.  I have a passion for Nutrition and Alternative Health and get upset at how unhealthy our world is becoming by the amount of processed food we consume each day. There is no need for it. Food is meant to feed us not make us ill.  So I did something about it. I searched for a way to make it easy for us to eliminate processed food from our diets and still enjoy eating delicious food.

I learnt about nutrition, became a life coach and found Taste Success.

Taste Success is a collection of Natural Weight Loss programmes designed by a Naturopath from Dunedin, Tracey Loughran. The meals are based on wholesome food, simple recipes and have a nutritional impact to fuel the body and feed the soul.

Unlike Fad diets, Taste Success programmes aim to educate us about the benefits of eating well and how heath can impact our physical and mental well being. There is no calorie counting or eliminating food groups just eating real food and learning how to feed the body. You get weekly menu plans, shopping list and your own recipe book.

By the end of the programme you would have lost a bit of weight, learnt how to feed your body with the fuel it needs to feel good on the inside and look great on the outside. Cravings would have reduced and you will have more energy. 

Coaching is also an important key to reaching and maintaining optimal health. We are all individuals and require a personalised approach in identifying what does or does not work for us. How we react to situations, identifying triggers, reducing stress and learning to live the life we want.

Want the complete package and turn your health and life around.  Contact me for a free consultation. Taste Success programme may be just as life changing for you as it is for me.



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